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Loss Testing-

The test procedure performed when fiber is installed.  The loss (in db) is measured , then recorded to provide a permanent record. Many testers are made for this purpose, but we only use testers that provide multi wave results that are recorded within the unit for printout and evaluation. Such results are ‘unimpeachable’, and are generally accepted in fiber commissioning / certification.


OTDR Testing-

Primarily a troubleshooting device, an OTDR’s principal function is to locate problems or ‘events’ along a given length of fiber. Some customers have come to prefer OTDR test results for all of their installed base of fiber. We use OTDRs that provide stored test results for this purpose, as well as for troubleshooting.


Troubleshooting / Repair-

Whether the end of a fiber is damaged, or it has been broken in the middle of a run, we can locate the problem, make recommendations, and repair the damage.



Putting connectors on the end of the fiber is not a one step process, and has many variables. Connectors, pigtails, cassettes, LIU’s and other pieces all work together but are not interchangeable.  We will help determine the correct termination needed for your purpose.



Permanently or semi-permanently attaching two strands of fiber to each other is an exacting, skilled process, requiring specialized equipment.  We only use the finest equipment for all splicing services, single fiber and ribbon configurations.


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